Killa-mo 187: The Lone Wolf!

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Northern Michigan Hip Hop's True Master of The Wicked Shit!

KM's Motown bound in May

April 8th, 2017

Just incase you missed it over on twitter and facebook as well as the Official Killa-mo 187 and Horrorflik Musick Reverbnation pages. A video dropped on Killa-mo 187's youtube page announcing that Killa-mo 187 will be at the 2017 Motor City Comic Con taking place May 19th thru the 21st at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. This legendary venue has been known to a couple ECW tv tapings in the past as well as being the first location of Insane Clown Posse's very first Gathering of the Juggalos festival. Motor City Comic Con is the premier convention for EVERYTHING pop culture from comic's, movies, anime, sci fi, toys, video games, manga, music, and even #CultShit baby! Click here to see the Offical announcement. We should let it be known for the record and KM is NOT there as an OFFICIAL guest. He is going to be attending as a fan. But has no problem doing a little networking while over in the Detroit Area alongside his fellow Horrorflik Musick family. KM will also be selling what remaining copies are left of the original version of the 2005-2015: The Evilution of an Evil Genius for just 5 bucks! We hope to see you guys in Novi!

Website Update and overhaul!

February 19th, 2017

Welcome back to!

We've made a couple of updates [and more is on the way this week] to the website. First off it's a new year so it's time to return fresh with updates. We're completely preparing the website for the coming of "Ragnarok" which is slated for a late April release date on CD with a TBA date for digital. What you've heard so far is what your gonna get as far as teasers go [Fuck You!, Burn Dixie Burn, The Final Protest]. But to celebrate the 7th solo album from Northern Michigan Hip Hop's master & Ruler of the Wicked Shit. We've re-released 3 Classick Killa-mo 187 complete with new packaging and designs as well as a few bonus tracks. Click the CD order banner above to place an order today. We've also brought back the original "2005-2015: The Evilution of a True Genius" for a  very limited time as well. All prices start at $6.00 plus $1.00 shipping so your gonna get a CD for less than $10.00 if you order one. And yes Kunaki ships worldwide!

Also: We're gonna have some more information regarding the "Everything Endz" tour as well as what Killa-mo 187 and the rest of his labelmates at Horrorflik Musick got planned for their part in the 2017 Juggalo March on Washington D.C. on September 20th. So stay tuned for more awesomeness. Plus info on the music video for The Final Protest.