Killa-mo 187: The Lone Wolf!

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Full Length Albums!

The history of Northern Michigan Hip Hop's Master & Ruler of The Wicked Shit!

Raven-Red-Released March 14th, 2006

1. Diagnosis

2. Mindless Thought

3. Raven-Red

4. Talkin'

5. 70 Second Style Part 2

6. Killa'z Gonna Kill You!

7. A lil Story

8. Remembering Those

9. Da Fuk You Doin' NOW!

10. Trailer Park Breed

11. Nitro featuring Reapz of Search 2 Kill

12. Mindless Thought [Screwed]

13. Raven-Red Remix featuring Mortality Tha Angel Of Death & Cryptic Loc Asassian

14. WWO Commerical

Produced by Killa-mo 187 & MiStA_MeNaCe

WWO-Wicket World Order

Released April 17th, 2007

1. Intro

2. WWO

3. Suicide Run intro

4. Suicide Run featuring Hallz Edge

5. No Mercy featuring Mortality Tha Angel of Death

6. Come see my Gun featuring KMTDC

7. Heartless Part 1

8. Reality Check

9. A.I.K [Artifical Intellegent Killer]

10. Breif Newz Report

11. 7

12. Party Killerz intro

13. Party Killerz

14. God Iz Dead featuring Cryptic Loc Asassian

15. I Love it! [No Rest]

16. Hellbreed

17. Wash Away the Sin

18. Heartless part 2 intro

19. Heartless part 2

20. Bigg Killazilla

21. World turned 2 Shit intro

22. World turned 2 Shit featuring EKX and Hallz Edge

23. Prelude to Armageddon [Outro] 

Produced by Killa-mo 187, MiStA_MeNaCe, EKX, Killuminati, E-Mail, and Hallz Edge

A Cold Day In Hell

Released October 26th, 2008

1. Intro/The Raven [I Must make my Wittness]

2. A Cold day in Hell featuring Mortality Tha Angel of Death

3. 2 Sydez of Hip Hop

4. Bullshit!

6. The ONE True King Of Pain

6. Rumorz featuring Novakain the Scorpion

7. The Truth!

8. The Messiah featuring Mortality tha Angel of Death and Novakain the Scorpion

9. Creepin' Out!

10. Mad Prophet

11. Rise N' Shine featuring Novakain the Scorpion

12. Extreme Measure

13. Howard Beale

14. Road 2 Nowhere [Ballad of a Dark Angel]

15. U Dun Kno Me!

16. Paterenty Test featuring Mortality tha Angel of Death

17. 2 Sydez of Hip Hop RMX featuring Playa Rabbit

18. "WHO" OP-Lived deviL

19. Back 2 Da Meathook RMX

20. Close 2 Me

21. Wash away the Sin part 2

22. Celeberty Nightmare

23. Honorable/Outro [Until we meet again]

Produced by Killa-mo 187, Lil Fetus, FLOcaborary, Justice Productions, Hallz Edge, EKX, Mortality Tha Angel of Death, Rob-D, and MiStA_MeNaCe

TWA-The White Album

Released August 28th, 2009

1. Wake Up!

2. Raise Hell in Holyville

3. TWA [Tyranical Wicked Assult]

4. ISTILLHaveNoRemorse!

5. Brainwashed!

6. Nuke Death featuring The Legend & Novakain the Scorpion

7. You KAN'T Do WHAT I Do! featuring Reversed

8. Cowards/?? featuring Hallz Edge

9. Rott featuring The Legend

10. If I Was Different

11. Punk Rock Goddess

12. Mind of a Killa featuring Mortality Tha Angel of Death

13. Northern Michigan Outsider/???

14. Shattered Dreamz featuring Shellene Hervieux

15. Drop Dead!

Produced by Killa-mo 187,,, Rob-D, EKX, Shellene Hervieux, and Mortality tha Angel of Death

The Final Countdown

Released January 26th, 2012

1. Judgement Day [Intro]

2. The Master's Back!

3. [The Whole World Is] Cut Out For Me

4. Twizted Luv featuring sYKo

5. I.F.H.E.

6. Rambler Pride [The B.C. STOMP!]

7. Question mark

8. You

9. Still Killin' featuring Mortality tha Angel of Death

10. Ireland [A Drinking Song]

11. Fall from Grace featuring Joe Strummer

12. Thrown out the Kingdom

13. Question mark

14. Symphony of the Outsider

15. Lone Wolf [Remix]

16. Celebrity Nightmare act II-Hollywood Snuff Reel

17. EndGame [Kharma]

Produced by Killa-mo 187,, The Passion HiFi, Sorrid, Shellene Hervieux, & Mortality Tha Angel of Death


Released September 17th, 2013

1. Epiloge to Armageddon

2. Loyalty featuring Awful Paul

3. Welcome 2 Hell

4. I'm an Exile

5. HamsterWheel featuring HALUSiN8

6. Twizted Mind featuring Mortality tha Angel of Death and The Legend

7. Brainwashed! Part 2

8. Sinderilla'z Revenge

9. Drunken Sailor

10. Psychopath

11. This Wicked Shit! featuring Dizpized

12. SecksWrap

13. Insanity'z Edge

14. Look at me Now featuring Big Soup

15. Hipecrit

16. Trapped

17. Looney Tune

18. Westboro Massacre

19. The End

Produced by, The Passion HiFi, Zodaic Massacre, Mitenberg, Mortality tha Angel of Death, EKX, Enoe, Killa-mo 187, Dostovy, CHiLL, Kylizzel, and Daytona

The Elm Street Remixe'z

Released November 25th, 2016 on Elm St Productions/Horrorflik Musick

1. Intro

2. Mary Faith

3. Anarchy Rulz

4. Celebrity Nightmare Act II

5. Sin

6. Brainwashed! Part 2

7. The Warrior's Oath

8. Symphony of The Outsider

9. Psychopath

10. Celebrity Nightmare Act II RMX2.0

11. Get Fukin' Ultraviolent

12. Anarchy Rulz RMX2.0

13. Outro

14. My Sweet Suicide

15. H8

16. Noah featuring BamaTime

Produced by DJ Elm. St.


Coming soon.

Extended Plays


IHaveNoRemorse! Released February 14th, 2003 on Instrumentally Insane Records. This was not only KM's demo but the release that started it all. Although recorded through a crappy radio shack microphone and using mostly jacked beats. This was the demo that began the epic career of The Cybernetic Serial Killer/Lone Wolf. Currently Out Of Print.

 Hellfire-Da Real Pumpkinhead. Released October 31st, 2007 on End Of Time Entertainment. This EP contained songs that would later wound up on Killa-mo 187's A Cold Day In Hell.

 Hellbitz-Da Return Of Da Real Pumpkinhead. Released October 31st, 2008 on End Of Time Entertainment. This EP was basically a series of leftovers that did not make the final tracklisting on A Cold Day In Hell. 2 Songs however were exclusive. The intro track "Deceleration of Recession" was Killa-mo's first attempt at political hip hop taking shots at John McCain and Sarah Palin.

 Killin' Off Valentine'z. Released February 14th 2009 on End Of Time Entertainment. Valentine's Day has always been an eye sore for Killa-mo 187 as he has never had a good history of relationships. This EP not only contains the ultimate anti-romantic track "Love". But also nothing but great tunes including the classic "This Ain't no Game". 

 Shinigami'z [Split with Mortality Tha Angel Of Death]. Released on June 1st, 2010 on End Of Time Entertainment/Rev 6:8. It's not that often that Rappers do split EP's. Killa-mo 187 and Mortality Tha Angel Of Death decided to go ahead and break that barrier. This EP was also the last time Killa-mo 187 and EKX would collaborate on a project together. They would not team up again for 3 years.

  Da Real Pumpkinhead 3D. Released on October 31st, 2010 on End Of Time Entertaiment. This EP basically was a mix of remixed versions of "Thrown Out The Kingdom" a radio version and a Chopped & Screwed Version. There was also a megamix of previously unreleased material. And 2 new songs: Unholy Ressurection and Hip Hop Is Dead 2012.

  Killin' Off Valentine'z 2. Released February 14th, 2011 on End Of Time Entertainment. Killin' Off Valentine'z 2 was the first Official release of new Killa-mo 187 material in over 2 years. Featuring a hit single "Lone Wolf" and the remix of "Brainwashed!". This EP also contained 3 songs from a 8 song setlist of Killa-mo 187's performance at The Flight Deck in Charlevoix, Michigan on February 11th, 2011.

  Live & Extremely Dangerous. Released May 24th 2011 on End Of Time Entertainment. This was Killa-mo 187's first ever Live Album. It's filed as an EP because this was the Entire set from his performance at Papa Lou's in Petoskey, Michigan on April 26th, 2011. This performance was the first global sneak peak of The Final Countdown with the performance of "(The Whole World Is) Cut Out For Me".

  The Abortion: Killin' Off Valentine'z 3 EP. Released on February 14th, 2012 on End Of Time Entertainment. The cover and title pays homage to Esham's 1993 classic album "KKKill The Fetus". This EP was basically a sneak peak of The Final Countdown. This EP was also double filed as the "Ireland (A Drinking Song)" single.

 EKX & Killa-mo 187 are: Crisis Of Faith - Crisis Of Faith. Released October 31st, 2013 on Targeted Individuals. This EP was long-overdue. Killa-mo 187 and EKX's official reunion collaboration. 7 tracks of pure uncut wicked shit! EKX produced, mixed, composed, edited, and mastered this entire release including KM's vocals. Only one guest was on the EP (Koffincreep makes an appearance on the song "Sin"). While it's downloads are steady. Neither men cared if it's a big success of not. Sadly this is the only collaborative release Killa-mo 187 and EKX will ever do in our lifetime.

 Killin' Off Valentine'z Part 4. Released February 14th, 2015 on End Of Time Entertainment. The anti-valentine's tradition returns after a lengthy absence. Much like the very first Valentine's EP. Contains nothing but new music including a few disses to a wannabe gangster rapper who lied about his origin's [#LiveByYoRep] and got called out by way 2 many people for it. This also contained the song "The Warrior's Oath" which was the final song Killa-mo 187 and EKX ever did together.

 Da Real Pumpkinhead 6 EP. Released October 31st, 2016 on End Of Time Entertainment. A small preview of "Ragnarok" featuring 2 of the singles released to promote the soon to be released album including the anti-cyberbullying anthem "Fuck You!" Was released for FREE download also containing the music video for "MDK".

Mixtapes Revolution: For Juggalos By Juggalos. Released May 1st, 2006 on End Of Time Entertainment. This was the FIRST Juggalo-themed mixtape. Long before DJ Clay's Let Em' Bleed Mixxtape series. This Mixtape was also the launching pads of underground legends such as Killa-mo 187, Loco, Playa Rabbit, 6 Ninjahs, and Risi. Park. Released July 4th, 2007 via W-Torture/EOT. This was Killa-mo 187's first solo Mixtape. Still available at for FREE download. Park 2: The Armageddon Mixtape. Released February 14th, 2008 via Open Source Radio. This mixtape was looked at as a huge disappointment all around. Although this mixtape contained more freestyles than original music. This mixtape is still available at for FREE download. Revolution part 2: Ultimate Rebellion. Released May 26th, 2009 on End Of Time Entertainment. The sequel to The original Revolution Mixtape. Only this time this mixtape featured some very high-profile underground rap acts such as Mr. Kiltcha of the legendary horrorcore group SyckSyde debuting his new group Monsta Squad as well as the Legendary Insane Poetry. Once again this mixtape helped launch careers out of Crackle Kapone, Mista Spooky, O-Villainz, JPK and Big Redd. Park 3: Rise & Fall From Grace. Released September 21st, 2010 on End Of Time Entertainment. This was the final part of the Bayfront Park mixtape series as Killa-mo would relocate back near his hometown of Boyne City, Michigan a few years after the release of this mixtape. This mixtape was really an album disguised as a mixtape. A simple thank you to the Underlin'z who stood by him during the most toughest part of his life and career. This mixtape is available at for FREE download. The Revolution 3: Operation Juggalo Freedom. Released January 1st, 2012 via This mixtape was a exclusive. The 3rd chapter of the "Original" Juggalo Mixtape. This release was different than the previous 2. It was a double album. Featuring a bigger selection of Underground rap's finest. Of coarse Revolution veterans such as Killa-mo 187 and Crackle Kapone make the rounds as well as new staples such as Blasphire SioN and Casper. This mixtape was loaded as always with big stars such as King Gordy, Grewsum, Whitney Peyton, Polk Frost, and Shadow The Cannibal.

Da Real Pumpkinhead Part V: Jackin' KAINZ Beat's. Released October 31st, 2012 on Wicked Blood Records. This was Killa-mo 187's only release on Wicked Blood Records. The mixtape's title and content was nothing but instrumentals from Horrorcore mastermind and legendary New York producer DJ Bless A.K.A. Sutter Kain. The mixtape consists of 10 tracks plus a few bonus cuts featuring collaborations with SykoCutter, Dizpized (credited as MidNyte), Kemical, and Mortality Tha Angel Of Death. KM released the mixtape as a tribute to DJ Bless. The title was inspired by HALUSiN8's "Jackin' Ya Beats" mixtape series and pay's homage to the title.

Killa-mo 187 Presents: The Need To Feed Part 1. Released October 26th, 2013 on This was EOT's 2nd exclusive and companion piece to "The Revolution" Mixtape series. The EOT Self-released edition contains 2 different covers where the cover on the left at is the actual Official cover to the compilation/mixtape. This compilation features a who's who of Wicked rappers including Killa-mo 187, Awful Paul, Crackle Kapone, Koffincreep, Runae Moon, K.Daver, Enasami, Black MASK Armada, Belmont, and the Official debut of Crisis Of Faith.